--Welcome to the Technical Data Help Page--
This page gives all of the technical data, such as colour gambits and pixel measurements, used within the MIROFOSS database. Please note that the help pages have been written as a simple reference guide in relation to the MIROFOSS database.

Through-out the research, design, and development of MIROFOSS, care has been taken to ensure all pages within the database follow the same format. This page will assist in ensuring that future articles are created in the same format; using the same measurements and colour coordination that presently exsists.. If further assistance is required, please -contact us-. .


--Colour Coding--

The colour gambit chart shown above contains all of the colours that are used in MIROFOSS graphics. The colour bars on the bottom of the gambit chart show a range of the 16 bit colour that is present in the sample photographs. Care has been taken to ensure that MIROFOSS graphic colours remain consistant through the scope of the database.

The colour gambit chart shown above contains the colour values listed in Red, Green, Blue format (RGB) general information at the bottom of the image shows a general idea of what the colours are used for.


--Toolbar Dimensions--

The above image shows the measurements (in pixels) of all of the article toolbars in the MIROFOSS database. Please note that all toolbars are 1083px wide and 242px high except for the main index pages which are slightly larger and describe below. THe colour effect on the toolbar is a simple gradient based on themed colour for the subject of the article.



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