Mineral Colour Plates are small thumbnail images of minerals, as well as synthetic compounds and chemical elements, with articles that can be found in the MIROFOSS database. The following table shows all of the BORATE GROUP minerals found in MIROFOSS organized vertically by colour. Certain minerals may appear in multiple colour categories if the mineral can be found in more then one colour range. Clicking on a mineral plate image will bring you to the corresponding MIROFOSS article. Please note this page may take a while to load on slower computers or with slower internet connections.

The borate minerals are minerals which contain a borate anion group. The Borate minerals are more complex in their structures than typical carbonates, but because of the scarcity and limited distribution of boron in the Earth's crust there are only a few borates that can be considered common. Due to the ionic chrages that can be observed in borate minerals; Borates can exhibit the many structural variations found in the Silicate Class of minerals. The following table lists, by colour, all of the borate minerals which can be found in the MIROFOSS database.