Flower Colour Plates are small thumbnail images of flowering plants with articles that can be found in the MIROFOSS database. The following table shows all of the PINK flowers found in MIROFOSS organized vertically by flower shape. Clicking on a flower plate image will bring you to the corresponding MIROFOSS article. Please note this page may take a while to load on slower computers or with slower internet connections.

Crown Vetch English Daisy (Polar Pink) Christmas Rose Pointed-Leaved Tick Trefoil Wax Begonia (Gin)  
Red Clover Eastern Daisy Fleabane Cosmoas (Pink) Celosia (Pink) Everlasting Pea  
Aslike Clover   Dittany (Pink Striped) Lady's Thumb    
Astilbe, Japanese   Wild Geranium Obedient Plant    
Carnic Masterwort   Herb-Robert Geranium Lambs Ear    
Swamp Milkweed   Iris, Japanese Catchfly, German    
Joe-Pye Weed, Sweet   Oleander Vivelli Spring Heath    
Spreading Dogbane   Pink, Amur Ruby Glow Spring Heath    
Thrift   Hepatica, Round Lobed      
    Gay Mallow      
    Cranesbill, Bloody      
    Fall Phlox