Tree Colour Plates are small thumbnail images of the leaves found on trees and shrubs with articles that can be found in the MIROFOSS database. This section of the MIROFOSS Organics Gallery is organized by tree leaf SHAPE. Click on a shape icon, shown above or in the list below, to show all MIROFOSS articles that contain organic samples with the selected leaf shape.

Simple lobed leaves are single leaf blades attached to a stalk or petiole. Lobed leaves have major projections, called lobes, that further shape the leaf. The lobes can either be evenly balanced (usually symmetrical) projections from both the right and left of the main vein; or unbalanced lobes which are nonsymmetrical. Balanced lobes are divided into palmately lobed; which has a shape similar to a human hand with fingers extending from the palm and radiating from a single point at the base of the leaf. As well as pinnately lobed; which have a single major vein down the middle of the leaf from which lesser veins radiate in a feather-like pattern. The following table lists, organized by leaf type type, all of the simple lobed leaf producing trees which can be found in the MIROFOSS database.