The following table shows names of plants and fungi samples that begin with the letters G and H and have a connected article in the MIROFOSS Database. To make searching for articles by name easier; Duplicate entries can be found for certain tables. An example of a duplicate article:
-Black Pine (is found in the A-B table)
-Pine, Black (is found in the O-P table)
-Pinus Rigida (is found in the O-P table)
The icons located next to each name in the table provided basic information about the organic sample found in the article:

-A flower, fungus, or leaf icon shows what type of organic sample the article describes
-A fork and knife icon shows whether the organic sample in the article is known to be edible
-A medical icon shows whether the organic sample has holistic or naturopathic properties
-A hazard icon shows whether the organic sample is toxic, a biohazard, environmental hazard, highly invasive, if the sample is an irritant, or if the organic sample has sharp thorns
-G- -H-
                  Hairy Blue Violet
Galinsoga Quadriradiata Hairy Galinsoga
      Gallant Soldier       Hardy Iceplant
    Galanthius Nivalis     Hawkweed, Orange
        Garden Heliotrope       Hawkweed, Tawny
  Giant Blue Cohosh   Heal All
      Gill-Over-The-Ground       Heath Aster
      Ginger, Canada       Hendibeh
                  Hooded Violet
      Ginger, Indian       Horse Foot
Ginger, Wild       Horseweed
Glenchoma Hederacea          
  Goldenrod, Canada          
  Goldenrod, Early          
      Goldenrod, Plume          
      Goldenrod, Rock          
      Goldenrod, Sharp-Toothed          
      Goldmoss Sedum          
      Goldmoss Stonecrop          
      Good Morning Spring          
  Greater Knapweed          
      Ground Ivy          
      Ground Lemon