The following table shows names of plants and fungi samples that begin with the letters G and H and have a connected article in the MIROFOSS Database. To make searching for articles by name easier; Duplicate entries can be found for certain tables. An example of a duplicate article:
-Black Pine (is found in the A-B table)
-Pine, Black (is found in the O-P table)
-Pinus Rigida (is found in the O-P table)
The icons located next to each name in the table provided basic information about the organic sample found in the article:

-A flower, fungus, or leaf icon shows what type of organic sample the article describes
-A fork and knife icon shows whether the organic sample in the article is known to be edible
-A medical icon shows whether the organic sample has holistic or naturopathic properties
-A hazard icon shows whether the organic sample is toxic, a biohazard, environmental hazard, highly invasive, if the sample is an irritant, or if the organic sample has sharp thorns
Galinsoga Quadriradiata   Hairy Galinsoga
Gallant Soldier         Hardy Iceplant      
Galanthius Nivalis       Hawkweed, Orange    
Giant Blue Cohosh     Hawkweed, Tawny      
Gill-Over-The-Ground         Heal All  
Ginger, Canada         Hendibeh      
Ginger, Indian         Horse Foot      
Ginger, Wild   Horseweed      
Glenchoma Hederacea            
Goldenrod, Canada              
Goldenrod, Early              
Goldenrod, Plume                  
Goldenrod, Rock                  
Goldenrod, Sharp-Toothed                  
Goldmoss Sedum                  
Goldmoss Stonecrop                  
Good Morning Spring                  
Greater Knapweed              
Ground Ivy                  
Ground Lemon