The following table shows all of the ELONGATED CLUSTER flowers found in MIROFOSS organized by flower colour. Clicking on a flower plate image will bring you to the corresponding MIROFOSS article. Please note this page may take a while to load on slower computers or with slower internet connections.

Elongated Cluster Flowers occur when the plant blossoms appear as densely packed elongated masses along a central stalk. The individual flowers may be radially or bilaterally symmetrical.

English Plantain Dutchman's Breeches Winter Savory  
Common Plantain      
Aweless Brome Jack-In-The-Pulpet    
Common Agrimony Early Goldenrod Canadian Goldenrod Golden Ray
Common Toadflax False Yellow Indago    
Celosia 'Orange'      
Celosia 'Cherry' Cardinal Flower Coral Bells Curly Dock
Celosia 'Peach' German Catchfly Lady's Thumb Lambs Ear
Obedient Plant      
Horehound Common Bistort Indago Bush  
American Bellflower Wild Lupin Spiked Speedwell Vipers Bugloss