Flower Colour Plates are small thumbnail images of flowering plants with articles that can be found in the MIROFOSS database. The following table shows all of the WHITE flowers found in MIROFOSS organized vertically by flower shape. Clicking on a flower plate image will bring you to the corresponding MIROFOSS article. Please note this page may take a while to load on slower computers or with slower internet connections.

Ox-Eye Daisy Bloodroot English Plantain Crocus 'Pickwick'  
Smooth Sweet Cicely Heath Aster Bloodroot (Double) Dutchman's Breeches Canada White Violet  
Cut-Leaved Toothwort Chamomile Mayapple Winter Savory Jack Snipe Daffodil  
Queen Ann Lace Hairy Galinsoga Snowdrop Common Speedwell Poet's Daffodil  
Yarrow, Common Flat Topped White Aster Bladder Campion Miterwort Woolly Violet (White)  
Garlic Mustard Panicled Aster Twinleaf Springwood Spring Heath    
Dropwort Small-Flowered Galinsoga Large Flowered Trillium Foam Flower    
Queen Of The Meadow English Daisy (Hybrid) Carolina Spring Beauty Shinleaf    
Valerian   Dittany (White) Canada Mayflower    
Enchanters Nightshade   Virginia Strawberry Sweet Clover, White    
Silverlight Bergenia   White Campion      
Baneberry   Kousa Dogwood      
Virginia Waterleaf   Moth Mullien      
White Snakeroot   Balloon Flower      
Maple-Leaved Viburnum   Bouncing Bet      
Bedstraw Corn   Rose Mallow      
Red Baneberry   Bogbean      
Aniseroot   Lesser Chickweed      
Cleavers   Hepatica, Sharp Lobed      
Bittercress, Hairy   Hepatica, Round Lobed      
Pennsylvania Bittercress   Black Nightshade      
Broad Leaf Toothwort   Japanese Anemone      
Wild Leek   Carolina Rose      
Cat Nip   Cheeses Creeper      
    Swamp Dewberry      
    Woronow's Snowdrop      
    Star Of Bethleham      
    White Trout Lily      
    Indian Pipe      
    White Honesty      
    Fragrant Water Lily