The following table shows all of the RADIALLY SYMMETRICAL flowers found in MIROFOSS organized by flower colour. Clicking on a flower plate image will bring you to the corresponding MIROFOSS article. Please note this page may take a while to load on slower computers or with slower internet connections.

Radially Symmetrical Flowers occur when the flower itself appears to have a wheel-like symmetry. The individual flowers usually appear to be borne separately among or above the foliage. the individual flower parts are equal in size and radiate out from the centre of the flower. The flower itself can be divided into halves along lines running through the centre.

Japanese Anemone Bloodroot Bloodroot 'Double' Bladder Campion
Bogbean Balloon Flower Bouncing Bet Black Nightshade
Carolina Spring Beauty Cosmos 'Ancient White' Lesser Chickweed Carolina Rose
Cheeses Creeper Dittany Swamp Dewberry Hepatica, Round Lobed
Kousa Dogwood Moth Mullien Mayapple Rose Mallow
Snowdrop Virginia Strawberry Twinleaf Large Flowered Trillium
Painted Trillum White Campion White Trout Lily  
Wild Ginger      
Yellow Avens Beach Heath Bellwort Buttercup, Common
Sulpher Cinquefoil Indian Strawberry Large-Leaved Avens Marsh Marigold
Silverweed Trout Lily Velvetleaf Winter Aconite
Water Lily, Dwarf      
Turkscap Lily      
Columbine, Wild Maltese-Cross Campion    
Cosmos 'Pink Blush' Cranebill, Bloody Wild Geranium Gay Mallow
Herb-Robert Geranium Hepatica, Round Lobed Iris, Japanese Oleander
Pink, Amur Dittany, Pink Striped Christmas Rose  
Iris, 'Anaconda Bearded' Balloon Flower Bittersweet Nightshade Cosmos 'Carmine'
Hepatica, Sharp Lobed Jacob's Ladder Purple Flowering Raspberry Giant Blue Cohosh
Purple Trillium      
Blue-Eyed Grass Leadwort Siberian Squill