Welcome to the MIROFOSS help page. Use the categories below or on the right side of the screen to select a help topic. If your inquiry cannot be answered within the categories below, please feel free to visit or FAQ page or -contact us-. Please note: This help menu opens in a new window or tab. To go back to the article you were viewing, simply close this window or tab or use your cursor to move between the windows or tabs.

Mineral Article Help   - Mineral Article Help shows how mineral articles are designed as well as the layout within the MIROFOSS database. Topics such as subject information, article layout, toolbar functions, and subject categories can be found here.
Mineral Sample Help   - Mineral Image Help shows how mineral sample pages are designed as well as the layout within the MIROFOSS database. Topics such as image descriptions as well as how the 'Dynamo Collection Number' is created can be found in this help article.
Mineral Search Help   - Mineral Search Help shows how to properly use the MIROFOSS search engine, in relation to minerals, to get accurate and successful results. This help topic explains what keywords to use and how to create multi-word search strings
Rock Article Help    
Rock Sample Help    
Organic Article Help    
Organic Sample Help    
Sample Hazard Help   - The Sample Hazards page shows examples of all of the yellow hazard symbols which can be found on some sample pages within the MIROFOSS database. Each hazard symbol is accompanied by a description of the hazard.
Ontario Sample Help   - The Ontario Sample Page is a description of why certain samples are marked with an Ontario trillium logo as well as a brief history of extraction of rocks and minerals within the Canadian province of Ontario.
MIROFOSS Technical   - The MIROFOSS technical page lists critical information such as image sizes, colour codes, and html properties.
MIROFOSS Sitemap   - Use the sitemap to find specific pages or documents on the MIROFOSS web site