Flower Colour Plates are small thumbnail images of flowering plants with articles that can be found in the MIROFOSS database. The following table shows all of the YELLOW flowers found in MIROFOSS organized vertically by flower shape. Clicking on a flower plate image will bring you to the corresponding MIROFOSS article. Please note this page may take a while to load on slower computers or with slower internet connections.

Lesser Celandine Pale Jewelweed Yellow Downy Violet Common Daffodil
Snow Crocus Bush Honeysuckle    
Dill Black Medic Stringy Stonecrop Common Tansy
Trefoil, Birdsfoot Yarrow, Hoffnug Low Hop Clover Wood Betony
Black-Eyed Susan Prairie Coneflower Leopard's Bane Threadleaf Coreopsis
Coltsfoot Dandelion, Common Jerusalem Artichoke Woodland Sunflower
Prickly Lettuce Swordleaf Inula    
Yellow Avens Beach Heath Bellwort Buttercup, Common
Sulpher Cinquefoil Indian Strawberry Large-Leaved Avens Marsh Marigold
Silverweed Trout Lily Velvetleaf Winter Aconite
Water Lily, Dwarf Shrubby Cinquefoil Shrubby St. Johns Wart Yellow Flag Iris
Common Barberry Tall Anemone Common Evening Primrose Pinesap
Common Agrimony Early Goldenrod Canadian Goldenrod Golden Ray
Common Toadflax False Yellow Indago Largeleaf Goldenrod Bog Goldenrod
Spicebush Golden Corydalis Swamp Candles  
Blue Barrel Cactus